Customer Testimonials

  • Denton3 This is Denton my miniature long haired dachshund. The day following his 13th birthday last year I woke to find him paralysed. He was diagnosed with common dachshund disk disease called IVDD. Surgery was not an option due to his age, so the decision was made to treat him conservatively. I was advised to crate rest him for six weeks in the hope he may regain sensation enough to walk again whilst introducing him to a number of holistic/natural therapies. Failing this he was going to need doggy wheels. The second day following his paralysis I was telephoned by a friend who is a breeder and lover of dachshunds. She told me to go straight out and buy a bottle of Rose-Hip Vital Canine and load dose him for at least three weeks followed by a maintenance dose for the rest of his life. I had nothing to lose. Denton regained sensation in his legs three weeks later and was walking albeit wobbly at four. We do now live a “new normal”, no more jumping; running in the dunes on the beach; and all the things that most likely caused his spine to deteriorate. A few months ago I ran out of my supply of RHVC for three weeks as I was waiting for it to come on special at my local Pet Store. After a week or so I noticed a difference in him, he looked stiff and started to walk with a wobble. We visited the vet where it was felt it was due to age and arthritis setting in. On my way home I stopped and purchased another bottle of RHVC as I knew this was the only thing I had changed in his diet and routine. I once again load dosed for three weeks and after one he was back to his old self! Thank you Rose-Hip Vital Canine, you have most certainly given Denton a new lease on life. 12 months have now passed and he turns 14 in a few days. He is now a happy and healthy senior citizen who thinks he is 4 not 14! Ps: I also have a nearly 3 year old called Morrison, I also pop some RHVC into his daily meal. He has a lovely shiny coat, bright eyes and looks great.
    Chrissy - Marcoola, QLD
  • AFC 2009 - Jack Paper Shot 2 Jackson, also known as 'Jackie Chan' is my 11 year old miniature poodle. Jack competes in Flyball & is a member of the Norwest Canine Associations "Norwest Thunderdogs" Flyball Club. We are located & train at Castle Hill, NSW. I am super proud of my boy as he is not only fast, he is the highest flyball points earning poodle of any size across the whole of Australia. He earned his Jeddah award which is 3000 points at this years Australian National Championships held at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Jack is well known in Flyball around Australia for his attitude, huge personality and spark. He is our 7" height dog and competes in Division 1. Jack is at home when running with a team of working dogs such as Border collies, Koolies & Kelpies. Jack has competed in flyball for ten years now & I have found using Rose Hip Vital helps him pull up after a competition without any stiffness, aches & pains. He seems more relaxed & happier in himself after competing. Dogs need to maintain a high fitness level to compete successfully in the higher divisions at flyball & I find that Rose Hip Vital really agrees with him & have now started all my dogs on it.
    Amanda - Glossodia, NSW
  • Kirra Miss Kirra turned 12 at the end of February this year. She's been on RHCV prophylactically for about a year now, having switched over from a different joint supplement, and is still thoroughly enjoying her agility, rally, and Dances with Dogs, and is looking forward to her urban track and search tests in a couple of months. She competed happily in a double agility trial this past weekend, gaining passes in Masters Jumping and Open Agility, and pulling up without any apparent soreness. My 5 and a half year old BC boy is also on RHCV prophylactically, and is thoroughly enjoying a variety of performance disciplines. Their vets are super happy with their condition. Thank you.
    Barb - Kingston, TAS
  • Karen Porter Liberty I just wanted to thank you for your product.. My 2 year old Rottweiler Liberty has hip displacia and we have started her on Rose Hip Vital.. I had asked a question to you in regards to still giving her glucosomine with it.. Well we had just finished the 3 week starting period only a week ago and we have now seen Liberty jumping in the air.. she has never done this before !! even as a puppy !! I was amazed and we had always been giving her glucosomine for her hip and fish oils since she was 9 months old. As the cooler weather is upon us she had started to whimper when getting up off the ground.. I havent heard her do this since we started Rose Hip Vital. Thank you so much.. We rescued Liberty as she was due to be euthanased at 10 weeks of age, Liberty is young and deserves to be able to enjoy her life to the fullest.. with Rose Hip Vital we can achieve this now
    Karen - Malaga, WA
  • Izzy Izzy will be 14years young in September. Shes been with us her whole life. Recently her joint pain in her hips and jaw have been hurting and she didnt move much and couldnt eat anything let alone her usual chicken necks. After the vet gave her medication it improved but still was eating soft foods.since a friend suggested we tried RHVC we have reduced her medicaton significantly she is back to eating chicken necks and carrying her toys around. She trots around where before she would shuffle and her skin and coat have improved to be the best ever as being part sharpei she had skin problems. Thank you so much
    Clare - Beaudesert, QLD
  • Sharee Ingham Obi-Wan Hi Jessica and the good people @ Rosehip vital. My name is Obi-wan and im a 15 yr old Labrador X Dad says ive always been a healthy boy with good mobility for my age but the last 1-2yrs ive been getting a bit stiff in the joints and have trouble getting up and about. My Human servants were initially a little bit sceptical about how much RHV would actually help me, and had trouble sourcing the Canine version locally so they decided to start me on a small bottle of the RHV human capsules as a cheap trial. After a week with the added benefit of RHV in my diet i was able to get up and about much easier and like to follow my human servants around everywhere again. I even get on the lounge by myself, its my favourite spot for a nap. I’m able to enjoy my favourite past time again too, a short relaxed walk around the park. Ive been on RHV (canine 500g) for almost 12mths now, and loving it. Obi-Wan. RHV kid for life.
    Sharee - Salisbury North, SA
  • I first heard about Rose Hip Vital in its present form on Good Friday this year on a current affairs program and soon received several questions about it on the radio segment I was then currently doing. I have been in practice for 45 years and so have seen countless products for arthritis come and go and then come again over the years. I therefore researched it immediately. I am always trying to tailor a complete program of arthritis management for my older patients which includes minimal use of hard line drugs in the initial stages, leaning more towards the nutraceuticals, anti-oxidants and like products. Rose Hip Vital was therefore of particular interest to me and from the outset we made use of it. The results have been good with a really solid base of anecdotal evidence that it helps, and, as importantly does not harm. Many of my clients have continued using the product and feel sure that it helps. As an arthritis sufferer myself I am always on the lookout for products like Rose Hip Vital that will augment our management protocols, and this product has found consistent use in the tailored programs we devise in our practice for older pets.
    Dr Tony - Swanbourne Vet, WA
  • charlieweave My Charlie means everything in the world to me. I started him originally on Joint Guard at 8 years and then Rosehip Canine Vital as preventative. At Charlie's age now, he does have a few joint issues but vets and chiropractors agree he is fit and healthy and to continue competing as he loves it. He has NEVER pulled up sore after a competition and has never suffered any injuries competing. I am very careful about not overdoing training with Charlie and even though in competitions he must jump the highest height (60cm), I only train him over 40cm. Some dogs do retire young due to joint issues. Some dogs are still competing at 12-13 (just slower). Many dogs competing in agility are on some form of preventative treatment - many using Rosehip. Agility people usually have multiple dogs too so cost does play a part. I have passed on to a few people that they should try the horse Rosehip Canine Vital but use the dog scoop (tip from your FB page). As Charlie is doing so well jointwise, my plan is to keep him on Rosehip Canine Vital. There are only a handful of Dalmatians competing in agility in Australia and 2 are mine! They attract a lot of attention. Would love to see more out there and am doing my best, through FB, to encourage other Dal owners to take up this fantastic sport. I have attached a couple of photos of Charlie. He will be competing at the Australian National Agility Trials at the end of June 2014 (5 days of competitions - to be held at the CCCQ Grounds at Durack, Brisbane. Charlie, my Dalmatian, will turn 11 in October so he is one of the older dogs competing. Charlie has been on Rosehip Canine Vital since it first came on the market and will remain on it. I will do anything to keep him fit and healthy and enjoying a sport which he loves.
    Deb - Riverhills, QLD
  • kostya This is our boy Kostya, he is 15 years young and has been on RHV for 5 months, he has gone from limping around and having difficultly getting up after lying down due to joint stiffness to having a skip in his step and enjoys his walks now and also gets up from lying down alot easier. Thanks RHV from Kostya and us. FYI – Kosyta was 15 earlier in April. 
    Carol from Facebook
  • johnny Johnny's testimonial: I got my pets as therapy dog 'Johnny' 11 years ago when I was 9 years old. He was and is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I couldn't wait to get up every morning to see his gorgeous face, and these days I still look forward to it just as much! One day last year I called Johnny to get up on my bed for a cuddle, he was so enthusiastic as always as he trotted towards the bed and popped his front paws onto it, waited there for a moment and struggled lifting back legs high enough onto the bed. It was then when I realised time was catching up to my loving companion and he isn't as young as he used to be. Whenever somebody asks Johnny's age and we tell them 12 years old they don't believe us! He looks so healthy and young for his age, we have seen 9 year old Golden Retrievers who look older than Johnny. We thought as he aged it would only benefit him to be on Rose-Hip Vital Canine and we were right! Now at 12 years old Johnny has no problem getting up from laying down, he has more energy and moves freely, he can even get up on the bed! I'm so happy Rose-Hip Vital Canine is available to give a helping hand to all dogs, young and old! He may not have much hearing left but at least now he can be comfortable on his legs!
    Danielle - North Richmond, NSW
  • P_20140330_130727 'I am a vet in Castlemaine, Victoria. I was given a free 500g tub of rosehip vital canine to trial my arthritic dog on. Shepo, my 9 year old Aussie shepherd, suffers with severe lameness mainly affecting his left forelimb due to an old injury. He also has arthritic changes affecting most of his joints including his spine. I had him on a range of treatments including metacam anti-inflammatory, pentosan (arthropen) and a magnetic collar which all only very slightly alleviated his lameness.However, since I put him on rose hip vital canine alone, I have noticed a huge improvement. He is much more active and his lameness has reduced excessively.Thank you so much for such a terrific alternative product to assist our arthritic dogs."
    Rayya - Castlemaine, VIC
  • GypsyI have had my 7 year old Jack Russell Gypsy on Rose Hip Vital Canine powder for over a year. She did have some fluid on her joints at one stage which I had drained by my vet. My mother in law who also uses the product for her 14 year old blue heeler recommended it and I have used it as a preventative for joint problems. Within a week of using the powder there was a marked improvement in her well being. It seemed to perk her up and give her more zest. I have had no joint problems since starting her on the powder. It is a marvellous product with no negative side effects and the 500g powder lasts for months. It's definitely better to buy the larger size as it is more economical. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others for young or old dogs.
    Randall - Willetton, WA
  • My 9 year old Rottweiller has been on Rose-Hip Vital now for about 6 weeks. I must say I have noticed a vast improvement in her general health. Before using RHV she would only do about half a lap of the local park now she does about 2.5 laps no problem. I would recommend the product to anyone who loves their dogs.
    R.K. - Thomastown, VIC
  • Rescued with love combo I have 7 littlies, all various ages. My youngest is Whimsy. She had an untreated broken leg when she came to me, and we had a specialist surgery done, where they rebreak it, and set it in a brace for 6 weeks. I have been giving it to her for quite some time along with the others and they all love it. Vesper Louise my 11 year old has joint issues and is abit rickety, can now jump up on the lounge chair which she hasn't done for a long time. And Maisie who has a grade 5 heart murmur is now playing with Whimsy, which has never ever happened before. I will attach a picture of all. Whimsy is the little White one, Maisie is the adult white one and Vesper is the black one.
    Kae from Rescued with Love - Armadale, VIC
  • chicko Chicko is an 8 year old toy poodle and has been on RHVC since 10th of February 2014, she had her left leg cruciate ligament done a couple of years ago and she was booked in to have the right leg luxating patella done on the 20th of February 2014. I dropped her off at the vet and they rang me to say she has had the aesthetic, but they rang me back within 10 minutes to say that the specialist won’t be doing her leg today as he doesn’t think it is bad enough just yet. Don’t know if being on the powder did any of the improvement in 10 days but who knows. I still give her 2 scoops a day (breakfast & dinner) and I am happy to continue with the 2 scoops. I started taking the RHV super strength with GOPO myself at around the same time, it was taking me a little while for my ankles and legs to uncreak lol but now after doing the loading dose, I am continuing with the 3 tabs a day and my creaks are getting less and less. I would recommend this product and the canine product to everyone, it’s a nice natural alternative to the nasty drugs some people get on prescription, but it could also be used as a complimentary treatment to the prescribed
    Karen from Facebook
  • Dugan I would love to share the success story of my boy Dugan - Bernese mountain dog - 6 years old. Dugan suffered an injury as a puppy playing with another smaller dog, landed funnily and was unable to walk or run with a normal gait. He was prescribed prednisol from the vet which he had constantly for his whole life. While this made his life a little more comfortable he also had Bowen, hydrotherapy and trigger point therapy added to his weekly regime. Eventually Dugans weight bloomed to 75kg and nothing was providing much relief any more. A friend of mine recommended That we try the Rose-hip canine which has created amazing results! After using your product for approx 6 months, I am thrilled to report we have stopped all medication ! Dugan has now lost 17kg and down to a much healthier weight, he now walks everyday with a spring in his step and is enjoying life to the fullest pain and med free!
    Jodie from Facebook
  • Roslyn Potter Noddy3 We foster Noddy for Jack Russell Rescue. JRR is a big believer that ALL dogs deserve the chance to be rescued, especially the 'seniors' As Noddy is a rescue dog, and saved from the pound,we don't know much of his history. We think he is around 13 years of age. He was named Noddy in the pounds because he slept and slept and slept. We decided to foster him and get him out of the kennels as it is much better for the 'oldies' to be in homes. We noticed instantly when he slept he would sleep on his side with his legs straight out and he didn't curl up in a ball like most jrt's. We presumed he had some joint issues due to his age. JRR was kindly donated some Rosehip Vital Canine Powder by Dr Katrina for us to try on our seniors and Jill suggested we give it a go on Noddy. We did struggle a bit to mix it in with his food as he really doesn't eat that much. We contacted you and you responded quickly with some tips and guidance. And it worked. Within the first 3 weeks we noticed a difference. He started curling up in a ball to go to sleep which was very surprising. And then he went on a small holiday with his foster family and started chasing after the birds. Yes Noddy was actually running. (No birds were hurt in the making of this email) I was quite surprised that the Rosehip Powder did work. You presume some things are a bit 'hyped up' but I was still willing to give it a go. And for Noddy, we can definitely notice the change in him. He is now running and playing like a much younger dog. Thanks guys, it is going 'great guns' for Noddy. The other thing I like - is I've read all your posts and you always respond. Negative & Positive. You obviously believe 100% in your product, and so you should. I loved that.
    Jack Russell Terrier Rescue - Roslyn, NSW
  • sam and santa 2013 Here is the picture of my boy Sam with Santa last year. Sam turned 11 just before Christmas. Before Rose Hip Vital Sam was less “Vital” and complained of pain when touched around the left hip, especially after running around with his furry and not furry cousins. Sam is now much brighter & able to jump up on the stage for a picture with Santa last Christmas. Sam frequently acts like a pup again and hardly looks his age due to his animated doganality.
    Christine - Maitland, NSW
  • buffyI would like to let you know what a great product Rose-Hip Vital Canine is. I have a 12 year old staffy and the last couple of month she has been slowing down a bit she needed help getting in and out of my car and also help getting up on my bed (poor Buffy) I went up to Pet Barn and they suggested I try your product. I am on my second container of 150gms Rose-Hip Vital, the changes in my dog are amazing. She can now jump up on my bed again and jumps in my car with no aid at all. I am one very happy pet owner, it’s a wonderful product and has giving my old girl a second lease on life. I noticed the changes within 3 weeks on my first container.
    Donna - San Remo, NSW
  • SAM FB Hi, I'd like to introduce my beautiful boy Sam.. Sam is 14 1/2 years old. Sams life with us started at the very beginning, his mother was our beautiful Goldie, and Sam (the pick of he littler) was given to my husbands father as a gift. When Tom passed away in 2009, it was only right that he come back to live with us. Not long after settling in, Sam tore his cruciate ligament when on our morning walk. Richard from Castle Hill vet operated and Sam recovered very well, a...nd were able to return to our daily walks, (Sam's favourite pastime). We knew that joint problems would become an issue in time and agreed that he would stay in the house on those cold winter nights.. Early last year we could see the joint issues were knocking on the door, so anticipated Cartrophen injections to help through the colder months. When walking one morning Sam had trouble pickup up his back feet, and I had to help him hope with the lead under his belly to get home. Of course it was off to the vet, to find he had a growth in his spine, that was far too difficult to consider operating especially given Sam's age. Sam struggled to recover from the die injected to conduct the X-ray, and we felt sure his time was nigh... Our daily walks shortened, and Sam struggled to get up and about. Then I went to a local dog show, where Dr Katrina Warren was demonstrating the Wonder Dogs, and representing RHV. I spoke to the young man at the stand, as well as a customer who told me of the improvement of her 14 year old dog. So thought I'd give it a try. We have been giving Sam RHV since May 2013. We mix it with an egg to ensure we don't waste any, and he loves the gooey raw eggs, so for him it's a real treat. I didn't think Sam would have made it till Christmas, and I know that his hips are far from great, but he barks at me at 6am, everyday day to go for a walk, so I can only assume that he is not in any pain and as long as he wants to go for a walk I'll take him. We know Sam doesn't have all that long left with us, but I believe giving him RHV every day has given us more than we expected. He struggles to get up of slippery floors, and sometimes needs our help, but overall he is happy in himself, and looks forward to his daily walk. I have managed to find RHV on eBay, which makes it a little cheaper, but I'd be happy to pay the RRP if I had to knowing how well Sam is because of it. Thank you Rose-Hip Vital.
    Therese - Forster, NSW
  • Clarrie2 In late December I contacted you asking about possible adverse effects for my dog Clarrie - I asked if you had had any reports of dogs becoming nervous on your Rosehip Vital. Someone was kind enough to follow up very quickly by phone, saying that you had not but that I might stop and re-start the product to see what was happening for Clarrie - an Australian Terrier. When I called, he had just completed the four weeks of double dose. I decided to persist a little bit longer - with the single spoon dose - and, lo and behold, some eight weeks since I started him on the treatment, he has lost the worst of his limp (it flares a little if he overdoes things) and he is running around instead of lying about for the first time in about 12 months, bringing me what had been long forgotten toys to play with him. In other words, his recovery has been remarkable. I will certainly advise my vet of this when we next go. Thank you so much Lindy
    Lindy - Aldinga Beach, SA
  • L1010742 My apologies for not making contact with you sooner. My husband and I went overseas and while we were away I asked our Vet Nurse, who housesits for us, to begin the trial on Phoebe and we were utterly amazed when we returned as she was walking very well on all four legs. I have been giving her the RHVC powder twice per day and I think it is marvellous. She has not walked like this for about 15 months so it is wonderful being able to take her on her favourite walks again. I was at our Vet’s recently and Dr. Tony Vigano said he never would have believed it, to see Phoebe walking the way she is. Others at the clinic said she looks five years younger – she is 10 years of age. So thank you so much for your fantastic product. I shall keep on using it and have bought another large container.
    Merle - Dalkeith, WA
  • DSC_0272 ‘My Bella is a 13 year old Kelpie. She has had signs of arthritis in her back legs for the last 3 years, for example, slow to get up, slower pace on a walk, and quieter within herself. She has been on many products to help with her arthritis for the last 3 years (including Cartrophen injections, Joint Guard, Omega 3, Metacam, Hills JD). Bella ruptured her cruciate ligament 1 year ago which was surgically repaired. Bella still goes for short walks every day which she enjoys. I live on a property and let Bella wander off leash, whilst I walk the other 2 dogs on leash. We used to catch back up to Bella on the way back, and she had only walked half the distance that we walked. I started Bella on Rose-Hip Vital Canine 9 months ago and within 1 month, she was running again. I have not seen Bella run for at least 2 years! Bella now keeps up with the other 2 dogs on the daily walk and trots along happily. I am so happy with her improvement on Rose-Hip Vital, including her activity levels and her general attitude, as she is more alert now.’
    Dr Camille Brandt - BVSC (Hons I), MVS (SAP). Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital, Orchard Hills, NSW
  • IMG_2816 (2) I have attached a couple of photos of Boofy, I didn’t take any when he was in pain and could hardly walk but I do have a couple of him after starting taken the powder and he was back to his normal self and could again roll over on his back on the lawn which he loves to do! Boof is our beautiful big full blood Rottweiler, he is 8 years old. Boof went from being in so much pain he could hardly even walk, he cried in pain all the time, couldn’t sit or lie down without crying and found it extremely hard to get up once he had sat down. He was wimpering with every step he took and we were making plans to take him to the vet to be put to rest and out of pain. My mother-in-law told us about this powder she had seen on TV people were giving their dogs and their hip pain had decreased considerably, enough to have your dogs running around again and enjoying life. So I looked it up and we ordered some that same night and within 3 days of using it we were seeing a difference in Boofy. He could walk and run, sit and stand without crying in pain but best of all he could roll over and scratch his back on the lawn again which he just loves to do!! Thank you to Rosehip-Hip Vital Canine powder we have our Boofy back!
    Shelley - Kalgoolie, WA
  • 000_0015 (2) In August 2006 my husband & I welcomed, what we joke as our first born, which came in the form of an English Bull Terrier named Hal. He was followed 3 years later by our first son Finn and then 2 years after that by our second son Van. He is loved just as much by our boys as by my husband & I. What can I say, he is part of our family. Hal had some previous problems with his skin & while on holidays at Christmas last year he was prescribed antibiotics & then again when it flared up a couple of months later and while on both occasions it cleared up there always seemed to be a couple of residual lumps that never went away. About 4 months ago, we had to purchase Hal a new bed as we had always had a raised frame bed but because of the stiffness in his leg we noticed that he was starting to struggle to get out of it and one morning my husband discovered Hal had obviously been unable to get up in time and had defecated all in his bed. So we purchased him a new bed which is a huge pillow type bed and while it is a lot better he still struggled to get up. So as the weeks went on we noticed Hal struggling to get up and down the back stairs and he did actually fall down them on one occasion. We then noticed the joints in his front legs extremely swollen & while I had been putting cold packs on them because of the heat that week, my husband & I thought it time to talk to our boys about, the fact that Hal was getting older and that he wasn’t going to be with us forever, as they too had started to notice Hal not being himself. Not the conversation that you ever want to have with a 7 year old & nearly 5 year old & as it was Van’s birthday party the next week we decided to wait till then & make a decision after this. It was at Van’s 5th Birthday party that a lot of the parents commented on how stiff Hal was in his legs & that he was just laying around, we had commented to many of them that we thought that the time maybe coming when a decision may need to be made & that we were waiting till after Van’s party to take him to the vet to see what our options were. It was at this time that Emma Hughes, said that she had an all natural product for us to try before we made any drastic decisions. So with the view that we had nothing to lose and everything to gain, we started him that night, within a couple of days I could see a difference, but my husband thought I was just seeing what I wanted to see. By the end of that week, my sceptic, husband was the one saying to me, about what a difference he could see. About 2 weeks into the treatment, one of the mum’s who had attended the party called in, and saw Hal chasing the boys around the front yard and barking and generally playing with them. She was in complete amazement and couldn’t believe that he was the same dog. By week 3 the huge swelling in his joint have reduced significantly, the residual skin adhesion/lumps have gone and he has his shiny black coat back. So for me Rose-hip Vital Canine really is a life saver. While I realise it is not the fountain of youth, for us it really did turn back the doggy clock. So thank you again, while I had the view of nothing to lose everything to gain, because of you we really did gain everything, we gained our beautiful, playful & very vocal Hal back & while he is 10 years of age, we aren’t telling him any time soon!! Thank you again
    Kaye - Bolwarra Heights, NSW
  • P1020909 My wife, Sue, and I are rapt with the improvement Rose Hip Vital Canine has made to our dear Millie. The attached picture (taken earlier this week) is of her sunbathing in her favourite spot in the flower bed. Millie is 13 years old and for the past few years has been racked with the pain of joint issues which had been steadily getting worse despite regular Pentosan injections, anti-inflammatory medications, etc. We'd been bracing ourselves to the inevitability of having to euthanize Millie sometime in the very near future so that she wouldn't have to suffer the pain any longer. It was a thought process that was as distressing as when we almost lost her to a Brown snake bite about 6 years ago when (according to our vet) she was literally a couple minutes away from succumbing to the venom by the time I got her to him. But back to RHV Canine, which I think is absolutely wonderful !! After about 10 days of taking RHVC it was quite evident that Millie's discomfort from joint issues had decreased very dramatically. She could once again get up from her bed and walk off without first needing to stretch for a couple of minutes before she could limp to where she wanted to go. Three weeks further on now and Millie is her "old" self again. She is once again taking a keen interest in, and getting enjoyment from, the world around her that is our 9 ha property. However, chasing rabbits is now beyond her as her eyesight and reflexes are not what they used to be, not that it stops her from trying !! It is truly heart-warming and a joy to see her revelling in the pleasure she is again able to derive from being able to move about freely without the pain that had just about crippled her for so long. She is so much happier, brighter and active than she has been for a long time .... almost to the point of being a real nuisance when she now excitedly insists to be let out to go after a rabbit, Crow or Magpie in the back yard, not that she has a ghost of a chance of catching any of them these days. Millie's mother Jazz (15-1/2 years old) and her brother Calvin (12 years old) are both also on RHVC. They also have much improved mobility, although their problems were nowhere as severe as Millie's.
    Seng - Wistow, SA
  • CCF27112013_00000 Enclosed is a photo of my man 'Yodie'. Yodie has a laxating patella. I have had him on Canine Rose-Hip Vital for a month now. There has been a marked improvement. He uses his hind left paw much more often. We are back to the longer walks he enjoys so much. He is not a young dog any more but seems to be enjoying life. The vet checked him a few days back and said that he is very good for a elderly dog. I am so pleased for him, I have been spreading the word of your product to all the animal lovers I know.
    Jan - Umina, NSW
  • Julie John  Nina Lily (in purple) We have a little Maltese Rescue girl "Nina Lily" who is the sister to the famous RWL rescue girl... 'Poppy Rose & Friends' "Lily" now "Nina Lily" came to Rescued With Love as part of a RSPCA Qld Inc. case of neglect & cruelty and could only waddle when she first came into care with her foster parents. First thought was her patellas needed doing but after testing by RWL Vet it was found she had a condition called "Cerebellar Hypoplaysia". Nina Lily's foster parents, Helen & Fred did an amazing job getting her back to good health & built up her confidence ready for adoption & also had her on Vitamin C and found this to be helping her. I continued the Vitamin C once we adopted little Nina Lily and then read into your product and started her on it also. After many months on it now, I can honestly say it has most definitely helped her condition, balance and her ability to even happily walk on a lead. Nina is a little Angel who thanks to RWL and your product has a life full of love and good health. When a rescue bubs arrives in my foster care I do start them on your product to help them regain some health and condition as Vitamin C is known to aid in so many illnesses. I have recommended your product to many of my friends with fur bubs and have our senior fur bubs on it daily for their old age aches and pains. Thank you Rosehip Vital for your wonderful product. Warm regards & thanks, Julie & Nina Lily. Xx
    Julie from Facebook
  • Buffy (2) We did notice that Buffy our 10 year old who has had Bilateral Cranial Cruciate Ligament surgery on both her back legs, handled the colder winter months better than she usually does. We found that she was moving around easier than she did last winter, and she seemed to be able to get up and down the doggy steps a lot easier as well, where before she would just lay on the floor and not attempt to go up them at all. A few times we spotted her playing with the younger dogs, which she rarely did before. We can only put it down to your product as her heart is not getting better and as our vet says, her joints are not getting younger either. So your product has definitely helped her in that regard. Thankfully, what you sent us got her through winter and we are now heading into summer, it is lucky we are in Queensland hey J Thank you.
    Kerrylea - Forest Lake, QLD
  • Honey jumbles We have been trialling Rose-Hip Vital Canine for almost four months with a select group of Golden Retrievers in our organizations care. Included in this group were dogs aged between 3 and 13 years of age medically diagnosed with varying degrees of joint pain in the hips, elbows or knees, including one four year old dog with hip dysplasia that also required ACL reparative surgery. Prior to learning about Rosehip Vital Canine we had over the course of ten years tried almost every well-known joint support supplement and conventional drug therapy available to manage the progression and pain of bone and joint conditions seen in some of the dogs coming into our care, and we can say with absolute confidence that Rosehip Vital Canine has achieved remarkably faster and significantly better results than any other product we have used, with noticeable improvement in mobility, vitality, sociability, play drive and even eye, skin and coat health. We also noticed a quicker recovery of the ‘group dog’ that underwent the ACL surgery compared to previous ACL surgeries carried out. Once the group were transitioned down to the maintenance dose of Rosehip Vital Canine we were elated to see continuity in these positive results. For Golden Ark Rescue and our Goldies the benefits of Rosehip Vital Canine have been tenfold, and its effectiveness has enabled us to find an alternative to shellfish based and or glucosamine and chondroitin products. Being a natural product as well RHVC enables us to follow a completely natural and effective joint support and pain management plan without fear of the unwelcome side effects that come with long term conventional drug therapy. RHVC definitely gets the thumbs up from us and as firm believers in adopting preventative measures we also highly recommend introducing RHVC to dogs during early puppyhood, then continuing it through their adult and senior years. Thanks again for a simply wonderful, natural and effective product. Regards, Golden Ark Rescue (Aust) Inc.
    Samara - Golden Ark Rescue, Beaudessert, QLD
  • Noleen Batanas Chevy update2 My dog Chevy is a 6 year old Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog crossed with a Labrador who I adopted from a pound in Perth in 2009. Chevy was born with a deformed right front paw which causes her pain as it does not bend and therefore places strain on her joints as she walks and runs. I have always been unable to take Chevy on long or fast walks on hard surfaces as they placed too much pressure on her joints and resulted in swelling and lameness. Since starting on Rosehip Vital in March 2013 Chevy's condition has improved immensely. She is now able to be taken for those walks along the footpaths and recovers well without a trip to the Vet for anti-inflammatories. I now have another young dog who is very active and Chevy is managing to keep up with him! Chevy loves the rosehips and certainly licks her plate clean! Thank you from Chevy!!
    Noleen - Geraldton, WA
  • 3830 web We would like to thank the team at Rose-Hip Vital for introducing us to their amazing product. We have been using Rose Hip Vital canine on all 12 of our dogs since May 2013. My Border Collies live a very busy life from performing as “The Wonderdogs” on stage & TV working long hours to running hard playing in the paddocks. They also enjoy competing in Agility & Obedience almost every weekend! The physical & mental demand on my dogs is huge…Their fitness & health is very important to enable them to do all of this. I am very fussy & Cautious about their health so after lengthy research I felt happy to try Rose Hip Vital canine. The fact that Rose Hip Vital Canine is a natural product is very important to me. I’ve been very pleased with the results. My precious retired oldies have all done really well this winter, not needing any anti-inflammatory which is unheard of especially for Flame who has chronic joint issues. Willow who is now 14yrs looks amazing & very comfortable too. I’m so pleased to be able to give them the best I can. All of my dogs currently in work are very sound & I’m using Rose Hip Vital Canine to assist in preventing inflammation & help their immune systems. They need to be in top condition & they look brilliant.. Their coats are holding colour well & look great. My Chiropractor is finding less little injuries now. Zing had puppies earlier in the year & as she is one of my successful Agility dogs so I was keen for her to get back in the competition ring as soon as possible & so was she!!. She’s a work –a- holic.. Once back in training she certainly gained fitness very quickly & her coat returned to normal quicker than I expected. I’m also thrilled to say both Trick & Cash being my high energy young adolescents!! “Hard to get weight on boys”…. Have both gained about 2kgs each after 3 weeks on the product!!! They look fantastic!! Very pleased that months down the track they require about half the food they were on!!
    Kelly Gill - Owner/Trainer of The Wonderdogs & Professional Dog Trainer
  • Sara Muir Sam2 I am attaching a couple of photos of Sam who is now heading for the big 20. I found Sam on a morning walk around Forrestdale Lake in 1999. I tried to find his owner without success and he has been part of the family ever since. Old age caught up with him and for the last year he has been on medication from the vet for his joint pain which has just been getting worse. Then a couple of months ago I saw a programme on TV about your product and thought I would give it a try. In the last two months Sam has shown a good improvement. When he walks his bad hind leg no longer kicks out at an awkward angle, he can now stand up for a much longer period of time and although he still has problems in getting up this has also improved. As a result of this I have recently put Coco onto the product and hope he too will start to find life a bit easier. Coco is now 21 but as soon as he sees a camera he disappears into the depths of my walk in robe!
    Sara - Oakford, WA
  • Doreeen Galistan  Jessie Hi Lesley thank you for your call and I am happy to tell you about my beautiful pet Jessie. She is 9 years old and a little foxie jack russell. I got Jessie through a friend who knew someone who used to own her but did not want her as she was very full of life and as she worked she could not give her any attention. I had just lost my other dog Ben after 15 years as he passed away from old age. As I really did not want another dog I was not really keen to take her, but as the lady was going to send her to the Blacktown pound I looked into her sad eyes and thought of what would happen to her and said yes I would have her and I am so glad that I took her in. She is such a sweet and loving dog and she is my little baby. I started giving Jessie Rosehip Vital Cannie after reading an advert I saw in a magazine and thought that is what Jessie needed as she has joint pain in her paws. She has gone through 1 bottle of 500g Rosehip Vital Cannie and she is a much happily dog with a lot of spring in her legs now. Her hair is so much more shinner and heathly. Thank you to Rosehip Specialists for this fantastic product.
    Doreen - Blacktown, NSW
  • Janet Spowat Rookie Rookies is 8 years old, about 2 years ago he became very lame in his right front leg, he was found to be sore in the joint with quite a bit of inflammation/heat. With anti-inflammatories and rest there was minimal improvement. Since Rookie has been on Rose-Hip Vital he has improved significantly, he is still a little lame, especially when he first get up in the morning, but he is running around playing with our younger female Boxer, thinking he is a 2yo again. I will certainly continue to feed Rose-Hip Vital to Rookie.
    Janet - Geraldton, WA
  • monty Im really happy with Montys progress. He isn't limping anymore so I believe this has helped him with his hind legs. He is running around with no issues now. My older dog with joint issues is taking longer to show results but I will keep on going with her and maybe even up her dose a little. Thanks again Earlier: Just keeping you updated on Monty's (Papillion) progress... I am completely amazed by this. Not sure what to believe, but he isn't limping and he has been taking the powder for nearly 2 weeks now. I've started giving it to my older dog who has bad joint issues with really shaky hind legs - I'm hoping it works for her too. I will let you know how they are doing when I finish this powder. Thanks very much
    Lisa - Prospect, SA
  • Ruby 2 Ruby: 9 year old red cattle dog. Ruby is doing brilliantly - I have also weaned her off green lipped mussel. She is active again, when she gets joint problems or plays too much I give her a higher dose and she is better the following day. I think it is brilliant for active dogs with joint issues and it has made an enormous difference to her.
    Fran - Bucca, QLD
  • Barney and Sue_testimonial This is Barney and he is 11 years old. He has suffered from allergies all of his life and has always chewed his paws and has been at times on steroids. He has been on Rose-Hip Vital for only 2 weeks and I have noticed he doesn't chew his paws as much anymore. I originally bought this product for our other 11 year old, Ruby-Sue, after she went through a cruciate ligament rupture operation, she had a slight limp on that leg which has now gone. I think this is a miracle product and I wish it had of been available years ago. Thanks Rose-Hip Vital Canine, my dogs are so much happier!!!
    Francine from Facebook
  • My German Shepherd/Belgian Shepherd is nine years old and he is still my baby! He is so precious to me. However, over the past couple of years, his hips have been causing him issues and progressively been getting worse - to the point where I was thinking about if it was cruel to keep him alive because he looked like he was in so much pain and had a lot of trouble moving around. I came across Rose Hip Vital Canine and thought I'd try it - within a couple of weeks I had noticed he was improving. It has now only been about two months, but he is able to walk and play (and get up on the bed and couch!) without difficulty and without my help. It was breaking my heart to seem him in so much pain and discomfort - he was on anti-inflammatories, but they weren't really doing much for him anymore. It quite literally has been a lifesaver. It is quite costly for me, but to see him like that again is priceless! Thank you so much.
    Rene - WA
  • stone A friend recommended that I try Rose-Hip Vital Canine for my 12 year old blue heeler Stone’s joint pain. She has been taking carprofen, fish oil, glucosamine and anti-histamines (for itchy feet and eyes) for a long time. I thought I was imagining the noticeable improvement in Stone’s mobility after just one week! However, it was for real, over the past 2 months she has continued to respond well and is much more confident getting in and out of the car and climbing the stairs. She no longer grunts when sitting down and getting up again and is taking great delight in her toys again. Her overall health has also improved. The callouses on her elbows are healthy and supple, they had been an ongoing problem with dryness and cracking. Stone is no longer biting at her feet or rubbing her face and her eyes are clear and bright. Thank you so much for such a life-changing and natural product.
    Jill - Summerholm, QLD
  • Charlie (2) Our 8.5 year old retriever now walks with a spring back in her step after having to have both back legs operated on as she blew out her cruciate (TPLO). Prior to starting on rosehip, everything seemed such a struggle for poor Charlie. We are thankful that our girl can live a comfortable life again.
    Liz from Facebook
  • Kyle Morris Mimi_testimonial Mimi is a 14 year old Staffy Cross Beagle she had an operation on her cruciate ligament in 2009. Now that she is older she is suffering from joint pain in her back legs. Mimi was getting injections to relieve the pain and help her to walk better without limping. I heard about Rose-Hip Vital Canine Powder on Today Tonight so I ordered some for her in April 2013. Mimi was suppose to have 4 scoops in her food for three weeks but she is a fussy eater so I only put in 1 scoop a day and even though it was not the right amount, I was amazed how she now has no pain and is not limping. Mimi has become more energetic and has not needed to visit the vet for her injections. So this why I would recommend Rose-Hip Vital Canine Powder to dog owners.
    Carolyn - Currambine, WA
  • Daisy (2) This is Daisy, cute 2kg chihuahua that suffered from medial luxating patellar's bilaterally grade 3 with mild crepitus in both knees. She had surgery perfomed on the 1/02/13 on both hinds limbs. After the surgery she went home with previcox then was on sashas blend for a while until we had a rep coming in to work to try rose-hip,,,,, NOTHING COMPARES TO ROSE-HIP!!!! ITS AMAZING !!! Im stunned of what an amazing job it has done. she is running around, jumping on the stairs and off the stairs even on the couch where previously that was IMPOSSIBLE she didnt even want to get off the bed to go to the toilet because the knees were too painful. Im amazed THANK YOU to everyone involved with this amazing product, i absolutely recommed it to anyone that comes to the clinic I work at.It is truly changed Daisy to a brand new Dog.
    Monika from Facebook
  • heidi West Fletcher_testimonial Jemma is 12 and weighs about 27kgs. As per below she had a permanent limp in her front right paw/leg. Despite having the arthritis injections every 6mths at the Vet, this did not really improve or disappear. Based on her limp, we stopped walking her in order to alleviate some of her discomfort and just allowed her to get her exercise running around the backyard. At our last vet visit it was suggested we try an arthritis specific liquid in her food. This didn't improve her limp enough for me to continue with the treatment. It was expensive and as I saw no major improvement, I didn't want to outlay more money for blood tests (they have to have these before they continue on it) to then pay for something that I didn't feel was working. We were also offered an arthritic biscuit which is all your dog eats but yet again, I didn't want to change her diet and only give her biscuits that there was no guarantee would work. I then contacted Dr Katrina Warren (I am a fan of her Facebook page) and asked her input as a vet. She kindly suggested Rosehip Vital Canine and was also lovely enough to send me a 500gm tub to try. At the outset we didn't know the cost of the powder and now that I do, I am so appreciative of the free trial as I would not have outplayed the money without being able to see the results. As Jemma is the oldest of our dogs and had the most discomfort, we gave it to her and when I saw the results of her limp disappearing and her seeming more comfortable, we decided to then give it to Fletcher too. Fletcher - Our Brittany Spaniel Fletch will be 10 this December and he weighs about 20kgs. He has always been a very active boy and would fetch a ball all day long if we allowed it. We noticed that when we walk him or after a lot of ball time, he would become stiff and sore. At night he would yelp in pain (bear in mind he is a bit of a sook, howls/cries when vet gives him injections) when he got up to move his position. Based on this, we had greatly reduced his ball time and stopped walking him. Our dogs do have half an acre to run on at home so they were not missing out completely. Fletch spends a good part of the afternoon chasing and being swooped by the magpies, they seek him out and he loves it. Whilst I cannot say I see any other benefits from using the Rosehip Vital Canine, the fact Jemma's limp disappeared and Fletch no longer cries in pain after activity was/is enough for me to continue the treatment. We are now playing a lot more ball with Fletch and both dogs are back to enjoying regular walks again. Your product is amazing.
    Heidi - Gawler East, SA
  • Lulu Loulou the dog. Loulou came into our lives 3 years ago. She was 12 years old and had suffered cruelty. It has taken her some time to trust us but she is now very much part of the family with the help of our other (rescued) very social dog Ziggy. Some months ago she started limping and was obviously in pain. I took her to our vet who diagnosed her with Oesteo Arthritis and commenced laser treatment. She was very slow to respond. I noticed he had Rose Hip Vital on the shelf. Even though she was on other powders I commented that maybe she could try it. Within days there was a significant improvement not only with her limping but her general wellbeing. She now actually initiates play with Ziggy whereas before she had been very subdued. I am very happy to recommend this product as it has given the old girl her life back.
    Adrienne - Advance Town, QLD
  • Mischa_testimonial Before starting Mischa on Rosehip I had been giving Mischa green lipped mussel powder, there was some improvement in her stiffness after three weeks and I felt as though her coat was improving. She has now been taking the Rosehip Vital for nearly three weeks ( I am still giving her the green lipped mussel) and she has improved even more. I feel that since starting the Rosehip Vital her overall mood and fitness have really improved to the point where she is driving me crazy with her new found zest for life. I am hoping that she continues to improve. Her coat is great now with no shedding at all.
    Janice - Peakhurst, NSW
  • IMG_1151 Bundy is a 9 year old desexed male Border Collie. He has been my training partner, as I umpire Australian rules Football. So we always walk and run together, and never with out a ball as he is a total ball freak he just loves to chase them.I started to notice him being a little stiff and sore in his movements when getting off his bed, he also at the same time started licking at joints on his front legs. This was about 18 months ago when I first noticed these changes, over time he started to develop a bad limp when we were out running and walking, he started licking at his front legs so bad that they started to bleed. We tried to bandage them, use bitterment spray to stop him doing this but to no avail. About 6 months ago I seen Rosehip Vital Canine featured on today tonight, I was very impressed with this story and immediately thought of trying this for Bundy. With two weeks of getting my first order of Rosehip Vital Canine I started to notice move movment in Bundy, he was jumping out of his bed without stiffness, and was not developing limps when out for runs and walks. He continued to get better by the weeks and after 2 months all the hair has grown back on his front legs where he had always been licking at his joints. He does not do this anymore. He is now doing 10 Kms runs with me and doing two hour walks with no discomfort to which I am very happy. I am so very glad that I seen this product featured on today tonight and ever so grateful for the result and freedom it has given back to Bundy Thankyou very much.
    Michael - Waggrakine, WA
  • IMG_0604 (2) Trinta is now 12 ½ years old. She was always a fit dog and apart from bad skin allergies, has always been healthy. Just after her 11th birthday she was diagnosed with cancer in her anal gland. We made the decision to operate as the prognosis was less than 6 months without removal. It was a big operation for a large/older dog and it took its toll on her physically. With the complete rest that was needed she lost a lot of her previous muscle tone and mobility and at her age it was hard to get her back to the condition she was in before the operation. She had hurt her front leg and after extensive X-rays etc we could still not completely determine the cause, most likely it is tendon/muscular. She never limped, just every so often (at least twice a week) would yelp and hold the front leg up, after a little massage she would be off again with no sign of pain. We started on Rose Hip Vital and (touch wood) after 4 months now she hasn't yelped once on her walks or held the leg up. Today in fact she let me lift the leg up to clip her nails, previously she has always guarded the leg and hated me even touching it. 6 months ago her allergies got even worse but now since being on Rose Hip Vital she has a thick coat and is a happy dog. Every day is a bonus with our darling Trinta and we thank Rose Hip Vital for giving us a few more with her!
    Judith - Inverloch, VIC
  • mr dudwee Hi there, this is Mr Dudwee 8 years old (silver poodle) who has injured left and right cruciate ligaments and Gemma 13 years old who has injured one cruciate ligament. Both on Rose Hip... Both running around!! NO OPERATION REQUIRED!!! Rose Hip is a miracle. We have another little poodle Monet . If you wish to place this photo of Facebook please do. Isn’t it so loving !! Regards, Wanda
    Wanda - Bunadoon, NSW
  • Diana Gilbert and Bluey Bluey is a 13.5 year old Blue Heeler. When Bluey was 9 years old she had a very painful right stiple which required surgery (cartilages and bony growth removed) When she was about 12 years old joint problems set in so I started her on anti-inflammatory drugs (days on and days off). She appeared to be pain free but was always so tired, certainly not her normal self. When I’d let her out of her warm room in the mornings she was slow to rise from her bed and after 2 weeks of giving her Rose-Hip Vital she is always out of bed waiting for me, and races to the door to be let out. She is now back to being very alert, chasing balls etc. Even though recent X-rays showed a bony growth on her left stiple her leg actions are quite normal. Thank you Rose-Hip Vital for making Bluey happy again - truly an amazing product.
    Diana - Gayndah, QLD
  • Minnie_Diane_Invermay Minnie is a 13 year old miniature foxie only very small now just over 4kgs...She has had problems with her back legs for years and was on pain drops from the Vets until she came to live with us permanently after my mother died 18 months ago...She was overweight but since living with us has lost a kilo and a half... Although she lost the weight she still struggled with her walking and in the last few months suffered bacterial/fungal infection and was very unwell.....I really thought we would lose her...She had to be treated with antibiotics and they knocked her around terribly. About two months ago I won some Rose-Hip Canine on Facebook and since then Minnie has had it on her meal every day....The difference is amazing... she now runs all over our acres following us and our big dog Maurie with a real skip in her step.... Her eyes were quite cloudy but we have now noticed they are clear and bright and her fur is very soft....She has had NO more problems with the infection....She is a happy little "teenager" now free from pain... :)
    Dianne - Invernmay, VIC
  • Buffy Here is a photo of a freshly groomed "Buffy", she is poodle / Maltese cross 14 + years old who has found a new lease of life since we added a regular dose of Rosehip for dogs to her diet. She previously suffered from joint problems but has improved her mobility dramatically and now enjoys a good walk and loves a play with her toys. She now has more energy to play with the grand kids
    Mike - Bathhurst, NSW
  • London_Tracey London, my 10 year old border collie x use to suffer bad joint problems in his front legs and hips, and some days struggled to walk. I even had to stop his afternoon walks some days because i could see he was limping too much. He has been on Rose-Hip Vital Canine for around 4 months now and i can see the remarkable improvement in his movements. He no longer struggles when he gets out of bed in the morning, and i can again take him every day for his walks which he loves - carrying on like a puppy running around chasing sticks. I am so happy with this product and it has been a godsend for him!!!
    Tracey - Gladstone, QLD
  • Tonia Murphy  Marigold Attached is a photo of Marigold, our beautiful Labrador Retriever, taken on our weekend away where she’d just had a lovely run in the paddock so was laying on the cool verandah pavers very happy! Marigold is nearly 12 and for the past few years has suffered on and off with joint and hip problems. The beginning of this year was particularly bad watching her limp when walking and her demeanour was generally a little unhappy, so I’m thrilled with the effect that Rosehip Canine is having on her walking and the limp’s all but gone! Getting up and down has become easier for her as well, especially if she’s been laying for a lengthy period the stiffness isn’t as noticeable. She’ll always be my “puppy dog” but now it’s lovely to see her with the energy and enthusiasm to run in paddocks like a puppy, so thank you Rosehip Canine! Warm regards, Tonia
    Tonia - East Perth, WA
  • Sue Roth and Jake I have a 13 1/2year old golden retriever who has been suffering with joint stiffness and pain. He was on daily doses of rimadil and was having kartrophen Injections every 2 to 3 months. Whilst he was keen to go for walks he lagged behind and limped quite badly.... he just seemed like he was in pain. On advice from a breeder (Jane Fall Fernfall retrievers) I started Jake on rosehip vital approx 4 months ago. Jake has come on in leaps and bounds (literally) . Today we took him, with our younger retriever on a 3 hour outing... He was running and walking well ahead of us. We also believe he is more alert and his hearing seems to have improved somewhat. Until Jake started on the rosehip we suspected that he was displaying some signs if dementia, this is no longer evident. My husband is so impressed with the results that he too is now taking rosehip vital (though not the canine variety).
    Sue - Malvern East, VIC
  • Vicky Hansen_Tristan I have been using Rose Hip Vital on my dog Tristan for the past few months and have found it effective to aid in the relieve of his joint pain symptoms. Tristan is a 10 year old Alaskan malamute weighing approx 55kg. He started showing signs of hip dysplasia and joint pain in his elbows about a year ago. He was reluctant to play, slow and stiff when getting up off his bed and there was a clear limp in his gate especially when running. After using RHV for several months now Tristan is a much happier dog he is happy to play and can get out of bed quicker, his hips look less loose and his limp is almost completely gone.
    Vicki - Belrose, NSW
  • Carley_Bowen I wished to give you an update about my dog Coruba. I started Coruba on Rose-Hip Vital Canine on 27/07/12 with two scoops everyday. I have noticed that although she is still quite stiff in the mornings she doesn't have much of a limp during the day as she used to. Coruba would walk around all day with a limp. Coruba has suffered inflammation of her private area for three years and this becomes extremely irritated, swollen, inflamed and itchy and we have used many different antibiotics and creams prescribed by her vet to no avail. Strangely enough, I have noticed if I have not applied any cream or ointment that her private area is not as red, swollen and she doesn't lick this area as often. Previously, I would have to apply Prednoderm ointment each day with this being quite an ordeal for both of us. I will keep you updated on her progress. Part 2 - 3 weeks later: Coruba has no sign of any limp or soreness in her front legs and is running faster and jumping around a lot more than she used to. Part 3 - 3 weeks after part 2: Thought I would give you an update on Coruba. She has no limp at all and bounces and jumps around constantly. My parents have both started taking Rose-Hip Vital capsules and my grandma is placing her order today.
    Carly - Bowen, QLD
  • Jacqui_Moolboolaman Hi again Justin, sorry we did recieve the second lot of powder and the capsules also. Thank you. Ponto did go in for a cartrophen at the vet but it did seem that he went about an extra 10 days with out going up the stairs slowly. So he is still having the Rose Hip daily (along with all of us) and hopefully after 3 months we will notice that he is moving heaps more freely and can give the cartrophen a miss. He seems to be cocking his leg alot more now which I look at at being a good thing as he is more comfortable to lean to one sidenow, putting pressure on one joint only, something he rarely did previously. What we see as changes is different in everyones eyes, but to me it is a great thing he pees like a real boy dog now!
    Jacqui - Moolboolaman, QLD
  • Melissa_Bucca What an amazing difference rosehip vital has made to out 9 year old red cattle dog, Wally. Wally has a history of back injury but thanks to rosehip vital he is now enjoying a new lease on life. Wally is more active as he is moving a lot easier. Other people have commented that this is the best they have seen him look for a long time. We were concerned that Wally’s history of back problems would shorten his lifespan but thanks to rosehip vital we are confident that Wally will be enjoying life for many more years. Cheers Melissa
    Melissa - Bucca, QLD
  • Les_Broadbeach It has taken me some time to report back my impressions of your product as I wanted to ensure the benefits were lasting and conclusive. I have an 11 year old Dalmatian, named Sacha. Last year she had a very bad turn which the Vet said was due to Pancreatitis. She suffered almost stroke like symptoms and after some length of time she still had residual symptoms including her head turning to the right and what appeared to be some blindness –although checks indicated her vision was OK. She lost her “puppy” attitude to life and we were resigned to the fact she is in her twilight years and we should treat her as the aged lady she is. All that was before a friend told us of your product. Willing to try anything to help our wee girl we decided it was worth a trial. After around three weeks , of two scoops daily of Rose-Hip Vital powder with her evening meal (all her food is now low-fat), we began noticing some of her “puppy” attitude coming back. There was also a noticeable decline in the prominence of her head leaning to the right. When out walking people were asking how old is our Pup and not believing when we say she is eleven years old. Sacha has such a spring in her step and an enthusiasm for exercise the likes of which we have not seen for a very long time. And its been like that for the past two months, so it’s definitely an on- going benefit of using the rose-Hip Vital. Sacha did have a few nights sleep-over, with friends while we were away on business, and she was not given Rose-Hip Vital. There was a noticeable decline in her enthusiasm for life levels. It was not anything to do with her missing us as she is accustomed to the occasional sleep over with our neighbours. It was purely and simply because she was not getting her regular dose of Rose-Hip Vital powder. Rose-Hip Vital has given us back our 11year old “PUPPY” who just loves swimming, chasing ball, burying bones etc. She is no longer a grumpy old lady and has a real zest for life again. Thank you for such a wonderful product.
    Les from Broadbeach, QLD
  • Tanya_WA Hi, My name is Tanya, and I have a Mini Fox Terrier named Zac who is getting on in years. He is now 10, and last year I had noticed that he was starting to get less active. I was recommended to try Rose-Hip Vital Canine Powder, and it has made a big difference to the old dog. He seems to jump up and prance a lot more now when I go out the back to greet him and he’s actually chasing the ball again, not just watching his much younger companion, (Honey the Cocker Spaniel who is half his age) chase after it. Although he still isn’t usually the first to the ball/toy, he is joining in the fun and games now. The product has worked wonders on his creaky joints and with the maintenance dose of one teaspoon on his food at night, it’s fuss free to give to him. From a Happy ol’ dog and his owner.
    Tanya - Capel, WA
  • Amanda_Blue Mountains Just a very quick message to thank you for the very generous donation of product we received a couple of weeks ago. I have just reordered and given Hope has just completed three weeks of her loading dose I am excited to see if the coming weeks bring positive change for her. As discussed with Lesley, Hope arrived from Hawkesbury Pound and could barely stand let alone walk! We obviously took her to the vet and whilst she was pain medicated we looked for other options to improve her quality of life. Hope had a terrible coat, weepy eyes, ear infections and the list goes on! Three weeks on she is much brighter and more active. Hope is an old dog so we don’t expect miracles but she is certainly much improved from when she arrived (see attached pictures) We will be sure to be in touch over the coming weeks with any news on her progress.
    Amanda - Blue Mountains, NSW
  • Luisa_moonee ponds The week we got a new puppy our 12 year old Labrador hurt his shoulder. He was already on treatment for hip dysplasia and now was limping on his front legs as well. We were advised to double his anti-inflammatory medication but this just made him very sleepy. We started on the rose hip supplement and within a month we are back to half a dose and he has more energy and no limp. He is now able to enjoy playing with the puppy and we hope that maybe we can completely dispense with the tablet.
    Luisa - Moonee Ponds, VIC
  • Jenny_Fullerton Since I last spoke to you regarding Zoe’s acceptance and results from Rose-hip Vital I’m very pleased to report the benefits are ongoing. Since taking in “Fletcher” we have been out and about exploring the world and taking annual leave to settle him in during which time we spent four days at a beach house. Four days on the beach sand and swimming would normally see Zoe limping badly despite my best efforts to be a ‘fun monitor’ and keep her enjoyment to a level which would not inflame her ACL. I’m pleased to say that over the four day period she only had one night where she experienced slight limping and stiffness, the other days she pulled up extremely well. This is significant compared to the result I would normally see from a full day of running and playing in soft sand. In addition, as an avid swimmer her stomach/bowel would normally be affected by the salt water and we would have the predictable result of diarrhoea. No problems were experienced whatsoever and she went through the full four days with no ill effects from the water and sand at all. This has never happened before and I can’t express my astonishment enough. I would not hesitate to recommend this product for anyone who’s dog is experiencing the equivalent of coeliac disease which is how it was described to me by my vet. If you have the patience to take it slowly and back off through the tolerance process I truly believe it would make a difference – it certainly has to Zoe’s life. I would not be able to say it has improved her ACL to the point that I no longer have to restrict Zoe’s activities, but it certainly means the end of day stiffness is lessened and her limping is minimised. To be honest, I will keep her on this product based on her digestive benefits alone. This is not a criticism, I am overjoyed that after six years of worrying over her food intake and beach activities, it’s nice to be able to relax a little and let her soak up some fun. Thank you to the Rose-Hip Vital team, I trust you can continue to encourage others to sample your excellent product.
    Jenny - Fullerton, SA
  • Andrea - Kedron_QLD Hi there! Just wanted to share some feedback ... my purebred standard dachshund had major surgery back in March (ruptured disc). He's been recovering well but has been walking around with a hump in his back due to pain. I purchased some RHVC for him when you sent out the discounted offer (I think at the end of June?)... He's been on the supplement for 4 weeks or so now and the improvement in his back hump has been dramatic! The hump has reduced significantly and because of this he's more comfortable, spritely and happy. So, I just want to say a big thank you! I'll definitely be buying more soon!
    Andrea - Kedron, QLD
  • Lisa from Facebook Thank you so much for the trial pot of rose hip vital canine, is it working? YES, my OES is now on the maintenance dose and a new 11 year old girl has sprung. No stiffness in laying down or getting up, no hesitation what-so-ever!!!! we noticed a huge difference after a fortnight. She luved the taste on her food so had no problems her consuming it. Way better then trying to pop a tablet or capsule down a reluctant girl. I had to laugh, a little bit of powder residue is left in her bowl after dinner, her son licks it spotless after. Thank you so much I am so thrilled to see this actually benefits her and is a natural product. Just been and brought another tub, we are now on the maintenance dose now and that's been a week, she still has plenty of up and go and spunk. Kindest regards and Thank you all for this product.
    Lisa - Facebook
  • Rebecca Facebook A few weeks ago I received a free trail of rose hip vital canine from your competition and I am writing to say thank you from my girl Lilly. We have tried lots of other products for my 2 year old lab who has hip dysplasia which showed up at 6 months of age. Lilly was not the happy go lucky puppy she should have been instead of running around playing she would spend most of her day laying around which was making her weight control even harder. She was facing a life of Rimadyl and a hip replacement but for now Lilly is now enjoying her walks on the beach and we have even got a friend for her and she enjoys playing with him for hours each day. Lilly has never been able to get herself in and out of the ute but now I have to watch her when I am getting the dogs out of the ute as she will jump out by herself now. Even though she still has an odd gate she seems to be in a lot less pain and certainly is a lot happier she longer looks depressed all the time. So a very big thank you from me and mostly from Lilly.
    Rebecca - Facebook
  • Karen from Miller_NSW Angus, who will be 10 in December, developed skin problems after a bad reaction to a heartworm injection about 5 years ago. He mainly had itchy feet and legs but two years ago a flea plague caused him to react all over and scratch out great chunks of his coat in a matter of days. We got rid of the fleas but the itch continued so he was put on cortisone. This eased the itch but caused a 5 kg weight gain, further coat loss and ongoing digestive problems. Two years of treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine has seen his skin and immune system return to normal at last but his coat was slow to come back and the digestive problems persisted. He was also suffering some back pain from a fall and combined with the weight gain was not moving much faster than a walk. I started him on RHCV in Feb this year and the first obvious benefit within days, was a normal digestive system. As time has gone on he has grown a magnificent coat and become active enough to finally shed the extra weight. He is now happy, active and healthy again.
    Karen - Miller, NSW
  • Tracy Hockley_Ben My little 10yo dog is doing splendidly on his maintenance dose, he can now jump into the Territory quite effortlessly, something which used to take him several goes at before he struggled in eventually. He is moving much better behind and eager to leap out of bed and go for a walk.
    Tracy - Banjup, WA
  • Shirley_Hamish hello everybody at the rose hip specialists first I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the free sample you sent for my dog since he was started on your product he is like a 3month old puppy running so fast I cant catch him.before he had your product the poor thing was crippled up in his back legs and I was told to be kind and put him to sleep I am so glad to you and your firm from stopping me making the worst choice I would have ever made. I have told any one that will still listen to me to use your product which I have nicknamed elixir of gold thank you for given me my little 4 legged friend back and tell the vets they are not all ways right all the best kind regards Shirley and Hamish [woof woof]
    Shirley - Raymond Terrace, NSW
  • Shellen_Coco Coco our 5 year old German short hair pointer as seen in the pictures attached. Coco broke both her front feet when she was just a puppy. A door fell off its hinges and landed on her 2 front legs. From that day on we have had a lot of problems with Coco. She has a very bad skin condition which the vet doesn't even know what it is. We have tried so many things from diet, shampoos, pulling tree out of the back yard in case she was allergic to them etc. The vet bills were very large every month as we were taking her there monthly to try and work out what was wrong. The only thing that we have found to help Coco is Prednisolone. From her taking that she has put on a lot of weight. By giving this to Coco it just calms down her itches that she feels. Coco gets so itchy she makes her face bleed and was missing most of her fur on her face. Her eyes were always weeping and very swollen. My family and I started giving Coco rose-hip vital canine powder on the 17/6/2013. At the time Coco was on 5mg of Prednisolone and a polaramine a day. In which she would still be itching her face. A month since we started giving Coco the rose-hip vital canine powder we no longer give her a polaramine every day. We are cutting down her prednisolone, she is on 3mg a day now. Her fur has pretty much all grown back and the itching has cut down so much! We hope that in another month we will have been able to cut down her medication again even more. Thanks so much for recommending me to try this product! Its great!!!
    Shelley - Kilsyth, VIC
  • Pam_Susie I rescued Susie 11 years ago which makes her about 13 now. Susie didn't have the best start to life but she soon realized she was safe with me. I had Susie on joint guard for her joint pain, she also had cartrophen and I had her on fish oil. As time went buy she would always be stiff to get up and move around. One day when I came home from shopping, I found Susie unable to walk, I had to carry her up to the vet, after extensive tests and X-rays, we found out she has a disc problem, which involves her nerves, she was put on steroids in which I had to give her every second or third day and was told she would need them every day. Susie didn't, tolerate the drugs to well but i was told that was the only treatment for her . My daughter Pauline told me to ring the rose hip vital team to see if it would help with her nerve problem and to my amazement what a difference it has made with my girl. Before starting the rosehip I was battling to walk her 200 metres and she couldn't sit in the car in which she always loved to do, now theres no stopping her. Thank god we found out about this wonderful product.
    Pam - Ridgewood, WA
  • Bella_Marie Bella my golden retriever just loves her Rose Hip Vital Canine as you can see! She has recovered from 2 cruciate ligament operations both within 6 mths. I heard about Rose Hip vital canine on Facebook and was a lucky recipient of a free trial for Bella! The best thing ever! Since she has been taking Rose Hip Vital Canine her recovery has come on leaps and bounds she no longer limps (at all) and has so much energy she is like a puppy again (she is 4 yrs old) her coat is glossy and she is pain free! I can't thank Rose Hip Vital Canine enough as Bella has never been better! I will continue to give Bella this as I believe this has helped her immensely ! Thank you Rose Hip Vital canine!
    Marie - Edens Landing, QLD
  • Jo_Rommi Rommi had a TPLO surgery on her right hind leg after damaging her cruciate when she crashed with my other Whippet at high speed. We discovered fairly early on that she could not tolerate Rimadyl, so when she had her surgery she was put onto Metacam, that was tolerated for a while then suddenly one night she started vomiting blood on the carpet. Subsequently it was recommended that she never have NSAID's again. Whilst her leg was reasonably good she was sore at times, especially after exercise and being a Whippet there is a fair bit of that and at speed with all the subsequent twists and turns. Due to her also being a young dog I wanted to delay any joint problems and pain for as long as I could. A friend recommended I give RHVC a try. I did and am very pleased with the results we have been getting. Whilst her gait will never be 100% she now is far more even in her movement and much sounder than she was previously. I would and do thoroughly recommend trying RHCV for pain management in dogs.
    Jo - Espernace, WA
  • Jessica_Buddy (after) Buddy has been on Rosehip now for about 5 weeks, I know this may sound a bit silly cause it has only been 5 weeks But he is 11 years old and has heart problems, so after his night walk he is so warn out that he goes to bed and doesn’t move till morning. Lately, I don’t know if it’s the rose hip or not, But after his walk he does not stop now, he grabbed a toy from his toy box and put it in front of me and with his bum in the air wanted to play tug a war the other day which he hasn’t done for a while now. He is like a new dog.
    Jessica - Canning Vale, WA
  • Izzy_Charlie Brown “The interesting thing is that when we sit down in the evenings he lies on his mat, seemingly fast asleep until one of us gets up to leave the room, then he seems to spring to his feet and walk after us with no sign of any difficulty with movement. He used to get up limping!! I conclude that the small amount of Rosehip he is actually getting seems to have helped him very significantly!”
    Izzy - Greensborough, VIC
  • Helen_Fluzy I thought I would give you an update on our 'furry child Fluzy's ' use of Rosehip Vital. She has now been on it for over 2 1/2 months and although we started to notice some improvement in the first few weeks her improvement to now has been fantastic. After much frustration that we were spending lots of money on medication and vet visits with no improvement (in fact she was deteriorating) we took her off all vet medication except the phenobarb which unfortunately she needs for the seizures and put her on Rosehip Vital, Krill oil and Slippery Elm and she is the best she has ever been for years. She still stumbles a little bit and sometimes struggles on the stairs but nothing like she has been prior to the Rosehip. She even stopped growing hair which the vet said was either due to stress or medication changes and within a month of starting the rosehip she is now growing hair again. Everyone says she looks the best she has in years. We firmly believe Fluzy has an autoimmune disease from vaccinations and the chronic inflammation she has had for years has caused muscle wastage, diarrhoea, seizures, stopped her hair growth, etc so it will take a long time for her to overcome the damage that was occurring when we had no idea what was going on (nor did the vets!) I first heard of Rosehip when I saw it on my young neice's facebook page and I am so thankful for that. I read so many testimonials on the web before starting it and now can add our own to the stories. We cannot thank Rosehip Vital enough for their product as we now have our puppy dog back to enjoy her twilight years. She is now 10yo and the last 2 years for her have been terrible and we have almost lost her several times (The vets even suggested we may have to put her down a couple times during the last 2 years which we refused - thankfully!). Now she is happy, wanting to walk and play with toys so we hope she grows gracefully in to old age with the only unfortunate remaining legacy being the seizures as a result of her illness. We only regret that we did not know what was wrong with her in the beginning and had discovered & started her on Rosehip vital then. Thank you and please feel free to use our testimonial.
    Helen - Sanctuary Cove, QLD
  • Please find testimonial for the treatment with Rose-Hip Vital Canine used on our miniature smooth haired dachshund, Jackson. Almost 12 months ago we discovered Jackson had gone down in the back. Upon veterinary advise it was suggested that the dog be put down. Not having any part of this we asked if the dog could be given Vitamin C injections.He was administered 2 injections over the next 2 days. We then took the dog home and confined him, giving him large doses of Ester C and physio daily. Approximately 2 months after we re-visited the vet and he was surprised of his progress. Having learnt of Rose-hip Vital Canine, a friend asked if we would like to trial Jackson on the powder on behalf of the Dachshund Club of Q'ld. Having used Rose-Hip Vital Canine for the past month, we have noticed huge improvements in our dog, Jackson. He appears to be much stronger in the injured area of his back, his energy levels have vastly improved as well as his agility levels. Since being on the Rose-Hip Vital , he now really enjoys running and playing with other dachies. This is something that he hasn't done since injuring his back. We will continue to use Rose-Hip Vital on Jackson and would recommend this product to others who have or may encounter similar problems to that of our boy 'Jackson'.
    Gordon - Tannymorel, QLD
  • Gay_Gemma Gemma is my 11 ½ year old Golden Retriever. She has been having increasing difficulties with joint pain over the last few years, but just at the level you would expect of an older Golden. In mid 2012 she had an acute sciatic episode, and after that was lame (to varying degrees) for almost 8 weeks, despite chiropractic treatment and additional medication, including Trocoxil (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) in the same class of drugs as Rimadyl, Metacam and Previcox but given only monthly). About four months after the episode she was not exactly lame, but was still not walking ‘correctly’ in terms of the movement and placement of her right hind leg. In early December I became aware of and ordered some Rose-Hip Vital Canine and started Gemma on it twice daily. Within a week I could see some improvement in her movement and her flexibility, and both have continued to improve. What is even better is that she hasn’t had (or needed) her NSAID since the start of December. At this point she has still been having some other supplements (including chondroitin/glucosamine/MSM) but I am about to discontinue them and will monitor her response. Gemma has competed in obedience (gaining her UD title) and in Dances with Dogs (gaining 2 Advanced titles), but for the last few years her moves have been somewhat limited because of her stiffness. We now do bows as part of her stretching exercise regime, and I am amazed that she can now put her full forearm on the ground and gets a lovely stretch to her back. I am sure that this has been achieved through continuing chiropractic treatment and exercise, including specific stretching exercises, but the remarkable change has occurred since she started on Rose-Hip Canine Vital.
    Gay - Bridgeman Downs, QLD
  • Lizzie_Delilah Delilah has been taking your supplements now for about 6 weeks. She is an 11 year old female Rottweiler. I used 3 scoops daily in her food. Her health had declined in the past 3 years meaning she was not able to go for walks or wander down to our beaches here in Mackay without a great deal of pain in her left front leg . Also if she “gardens” (digging up my plants or grass) she is lame for days at a time even if I cannot see the evidence her discomfort and pain tells me she has been “gardening”. Great news ,since I have included Rose-hip vital for canines she has improved tremendously. She still shows pain after “gardening “ but it may only be for 2 or 3 hours then goes away ,unlike days of pain and suffering before using your products . Thank you for our inclusion in this trial and we will keep you posted. Another plus is her coat and general “spark” which is now noticeable and she joins in more with family activities ......I believe because she feels so much better and has less pain.
    Lizzie - Mackay, QLD
  • Debbie_Jack Just wanted to let you know that Jack my 11 year old German Shepherd is really doing well on the Rosehip Vital. I have just started him on his 2nd lot and if it is anything like the 1st I am more than happy :) as I have not seen him this active since he was about 8 years old.
    Debbie - Mandurah, WA
  • Carl_Chicane I don't want to crap on and post unbelievable results ..... BUT My little poodle (14yrs) has secondary cancer, she has a heart murmur and has rather large (the size of a tennis ball) tumours on her underside (in-operable), also a hip problem which gives her a stiff leg and a limp. Fortunately a friend gave me Rose Hip vital, yeah right ...... so I decided to try it on her, she didn't particularly like it, but became used to it (remember, as humans we are supposed to know what is good for them, not the reverse). So, she hates me for sabotaging her food (I compensated by making it more delicious), any ways, she doesn't seem to care now I wanted to give a realistic description, rather than a miracle cure .... oddly enough the old girl drives me mad again now, she constantly wakes me up entertaining herself in the hallway (at 3am) squealing and barking, wanting to go for walks at any occasion (including going out for a carton of milk across the road) She is driving me mad once again as she did many years ago, I feel Rose Hip Vital is to blame for my dog driving me mad as she once did. I'm not complaining, I'm just amazed that Rose-Hip Vital has reversed my dogs behaviour, if you have aged more than your dog.... beware, they will want to drag you backward through your years too, that ball you haven't thrown for a while, you are gonna have to throw again, just when you thought your dog was old, they will get a new lease on life .... will you be able to keep up? Thank you Rose-Hip Canine , I now get an hour less sleep a day, but I have my old dog back, she is happy and drives me mad, just as she used to do
    Carl - Sydney, NSW
  • Conan_Tara_SA I saw Rosehip Vital advertised on Today Tonight. I have a 14 year old Rotti named Conan. He has spinal degeneration and had both his rear crutiate ligaments done over the years. He is full of joint pain but the mind is still there. I have had him on Glucosamine and fish oil tablets every night for years along with an anti-inflammatory from the vet. Over the years he has discovered every possible way not to eat the tablets! I thought I would try your product as anything was worth a go. I can’t believe the results. At Xmas time I was preparing myself to do the drive to the vet as I thought his time had come as I was having to carry him with a towel outside for the toilet every day. As soon as he started on the powder I noticed a difference in him. He now bounces around and howls at me at dinner time, and he even goes to the toilet on his own-thankfully!! I have him off all the previous tablets. I thought the big test would come as the weather changes as he can’t handle the cold. I have seen no difference in his behaviour since we have had a cold snap here.. I am stunned and can’t thank you enough. My old boy is going to be around for a few more years I hope now.
    Tara - South Lake, WA
  • Haly_Susie_Carringbah Haly is not my best friend. She is my entire life. Without her I would be lost. Literally. I am blind and she is the most amazing guide Dog a person could be gifted with. She is lots of fun too. It’s never a dull moment with us so when I was told she had acute inflammation in her spine around her neck, her left elbow & right shoulder I was devastated. My lil girl couldn’t walk. She couldn’t lift her head. She moaned & groaned with all the pain. It came on suddenly after we were hit by a taxi while walking on our way to work. I was told she may have to retire from being a guide Dog. I new this would kill her as she is so proud of her role as a Guide Dog & loves being out & about with me daily catching trains & buses. She was given injections for a month then went on a multitude of supplements then we began trialling rosehip Vital Canine & literally in a short few weeks she was again jumping about, running up and down the courtyard like a puppy. I knew it was really working when she wanted to play tug-o-war again with her toys. She had not been able to do this as the pain was too great. Haly turns 8 tomorrow and you would think she is still a young pup. She now has lots of energy. She can lift her head and play like there’s no tomorrow. I love my lil girl & am so grateful to Rosehip vital Canine. It has transformed her back to the gorgeous, exuberant, excitable, vivacious puppy I love & adore. I have promised my lil girl that I will never give her up when it will be time for her to retire (due to age). If I have to resort to using my white stick again then sobeit. She has given so much to me. I owe her that. And thank you so much to rosehip Vital Canine. Without this fantastic product who knows where Haly & I would be…
    Susie - Carringbah, NSW
  • CK_Shane On behalf of my boy CK, I wanted to say a big thank you to Rosehip Vital Canine. CK is a 7 year old Rottweiler who has been prone to weight gain all his life. This resulted in him developing joint pain in his front legs, particularly over the past six months. I was considering anti-inflammatory treatments to relive the pain when I saw an ad for your product on facebook and decided to give it a go. I have been using the product now for four weeks and noticed a significant improvement within about 10 days. He was no longer limping on his front legs and can now walk freely without any pain. He is more energetic and alert, and now has his 'Rotti smile" back. HIs coat is also looking much healthier. I now recommend this product to anyone I know. Thank you again for making CK's life much happier.
    Shane - Embleton, WA
  • Ness_Sally_Torrens Park Ness is my nearly 13 year old Border Collie. For most of her life she has been an active competitor in a range of dog sports including obedience and agility and more recently dances with dogs, tracking and rally-o. She is also my first dog and therefore the first "oldie". Due to her active lifestyle she has been on various joint supplements for many years mostly as a preventative. She has over time developed a small amount of joint pain changes in her wrists which have occasionally caused some front end lameness. At the age of 11 Ness took up tracking and took to it like a duck to water. Great dog shame about the handler. Last year just before she turned 12 she finished off her track 2 and had one failed attempt at a track 3 (her TD title track). At that stage she was still wanting two long walks a day plus training and didn't like to be left out. Fast forward another few months and I noticed Ness wanted to spend a lot more time sleeping and was coming up lame during her walks. I presumed this was all "normal" and that maybe she was ready to live a much more lazy existence. My youngster Kenz had been on the RHVC since mid December and having some good results for her myriad of complicated issues when RHVC suggested trying the product on my "less complicated" Ness. I was keen to give it a go and wasn't totally sure if it would provide any additional benefit in Ness's situation. Within a few weeks of taking the RHVC Ness was racing around like a mad thing and rather than sleeping all the time was constantly pushing her way in to train when I was training Kenz. I decided to take her back out tracking only the other week and she pulled around the track like a freight train and came up sound and ready to go again after a short rest. Thanks to the RHVC Ness will hopefully finish off that last track for her TD title (well at least should be able to give it a mighty good go).
    Sally - Torrens Park, SA
  • Billy_Sally_Virginia I have used Rosehip Vital on my Crested of 11 years when he had a neck injury recently. I found that this speeded up his recovery time and also seemed to loosen his joints in general. I will continue to give him the powder in his food as he seemed not to mind the taste at all. Billy has continued to improve and is now competing in Neuter Class and has won 3 Neuter in Groups so far.
    Sally - Virginia, SA
  • Rebecca_Glendale Jade is 21 yrs old now and this powder has made her seem so young...she runs up the stairs and eats like ya wouldn’t believe,,,she might be 21 but man she acts like she’s 10...she’s one happy dog:)))
    Rebecca - Glendale, NSW
  • Sasha_Rebecca_WA My name is Rebecca and I have a twelve year old Blue Heeler who over the last six months had deteriorated to the point of not wanting to leave her bed and thoughts of having her put to sleep due to joint inflammation and pain. We had tried different treatments including Cortisone and Cartrophen, none of which seemed to work and both had side effects. After watching a TV program about Rose - Hip Vital. I decide it might be worth giving it a try even though I was skeptical.. After three weeks I noticed a big difference in Sasha, she seemed to want to move around a little bit more and would walk with me down the paddock and she seemed a lot happier. I was really pleased for her. It has now been five weeks and I cannot believe the difference. Sasha is now coming out with me when I ride my horse and she is keeping up with us, doing up to a couple of kilometres at a time. It is so amazing to see the difference in her, she even looks younger and is full of energy. My neighbours have also commented on how good she looks.. I would like to thank Rose-Hip Vital for giving Sasha a new lease on life.
    Rebecca - Hopeland, WA
  • Archie_Neil_Rosebery About a year ago my 8 year old staffie called Archie started to get really stiff in his front right leg after exercise. At first I thought he had pulled a muscle but upon examination by my vet the X-rays clearly showed that both his front elbows had developed significant issues. I was gutted because Archie lived for his morning and afternoon runs and now my vet was telling me that his running days were pretty much over. After trying a couple of different treatments I started him on the powdered version of Rose- Hip Vital. I put a couple of scoops in his dinner every evening and within a couple of weeks, much to my surprise, Archie was pulling up fine after his twice-daily runs. I have always been fairly sceptical about natural or homeopathic treatments such as Rose-Hip Vital but Archie has been great now for six months and is loving his daily runs with his favourite toy. Thank you for giving me a trial with Rose-Hip Vital.
    Neil - Rosebay, NSW
  • Dyzney_Meg Dyzney is our almost 10 year old Rottweiler. She is a very talented girl that has achieved many titles in varying dog sports and shows over the years. More recently Dyzney had started to slow down, appearing a little depressed and has been somewhat lame owing to joint stiffness and tendonitis in her shoulders. A couple of months ago a friend suggested I try Rose-Hip Vital Canine on Dyzney. As Dyz was already on Sasha’s Blend and Joint Guard and I really had not seen any benefits from any of these, I really had my doubts, but thought I would give it a try anyway. I started Dyzney on Rose-Hip Vital Canine and was incredibly surprised to see an amazing difference in her only after 5 days. I wondered if I was imagining things, but my husband and several friends could also see the improvement in her. Dyzney was not only brighter and happier in herself, but her movement was distinctively better and her lameness was almost completely gone. She is back swimming each week and going for a 1km walk/run each morning. We are thrilled with Rose-Hip Vital Canine and are continuing using it on Dyzney as it is putting amazing spunk and attitude back into her life. We are even hoping to get her back into Herding and Obedience competitions soon.
    Meg - Mornington, VIC
  • Oki_Dokey_Kerry Broadbeach I just wanted to say how impressive the results have been since I started using Rosehip Vital for his joint and mobility issues - there has been a drastic improvement in Oki Dokey’s condition; he no longer limps and runs like the wind. At a weight of 35KG I give him a heaped scoop morning and night and found I have cut out fish oil and glucosamine as well as stopping his periodic injections of Pentosan as well. I have recommended many other people that I know to use Rose Hip Vital for their joint issues and they have also been really pleased with the results so I will continue to do so. Thanks again.
    Kerry - Broadbeach Waters, QLD
  • Arko_Angel_Garry Angel came to us in 2006 as a giveaway as she did not breed for the owners. She became a companion for my older Dog, Fang a GS/Malamute X. Angel has a beautiful nature and is a loving dog. We became aware of Rose Hip Vital through an article from South Australia and ordered 2 tubs initially to assist Fang as he was now nearly 14yrs and we were getting other supplements and injections to assist with his joint inflammation in his back legs. We also started giving the Rose Hip to Angel and she was now nearly 11yrs. We noticed a great improvement with Fang and he was moving a more freely but I feel that we heard about the product too late to really help him especially with his age. Angel moved freely and walks well. As Fang was getting on we started looking for another dog to be a companion to Angel for when we lost Fang. We were lucky to acquire ARKO (a young retired Police dog – will be 3yrs old on 13 August). Arko bought a great sense of companionship to both Angel and Fang and is very active. Arko and Angel both love playing with and chasing balls. Fang did not participate much due to his age and had never chased a ball in his life – however he did join in on occasions when the others were chasing balls. Fang passed away on 21 June at 14.5yrs a very good innings. We have noticed since his passing that Angel is now more active because of Arko as Angel follows him everywhere. Most days they walk between 3-4 kms with a 6km walk once a week. She does tire more easily than Arko but moves quite freely we believe because of the Rose Hip.
    Garry - Woodroffe, NT
  • Jess_David_TAS My little girl Jess is now 15. She was found as a dumped puppy, about 8 weeks old and terrified of being alone. Since then we discovered she suffered from 50% hip displasia on both sides, which was treated with medication to keep her pain free, but as she aged she became more stiff in her hind legs. Since starting Jess on Rose-Hip Vital Canine, she has found more freedom of movement and has begun playing again. Jess is much happier now.
    David - Hellyer, TAS
  • Peppa photo I would just like to say that before starting Rose-Hip Powder Peppa was at the stage where she could not walk without pain and I had to carry her up and down stairs (she is very heavy!!!). She now walks up & down stairs with ease and I can take her on walks again – which she absolutely loves. Can’t thank you enough for producing this product. My daughter first googled your product when I was actually considering putting her to sleep as she was in constant pain, was overweight because I couldn’t exercise her and this only made her condition worse. I originally went to a Health Food shop and purchased the ‘human’ version of the product and used this until you produced the canine version. The transformation has been amazing!!!
    Sandra - QLD
  • Rebecca Dellit Molly With regards to my dog she is a very active 6 y.o Staffy x German Shorthaired pointer and over the last year I have noticed that her stifles ‘creak’ when she drops but more concerning was the cracking she had with lateral movement in her lumbar spine. This didn’t stop her doing anything, but I reduced her activity to try and minimise the impact on her vertebra and stifles. Within the 3 weeks of loading her up on Rose-Hip Vital Canine I noticed that her stifles did not click and her lateral movement along the vertebrae did not crack either. Now that it has been 6 weeks, rarely does either region make noise during movement. My hope is that with continued use I can prevent further joint damage and in conjunction with canine myofunctional therapy hopefully keep potential joint conditions at bay for the duration of her life. I have also noticed a vast improvement in her coat. I usually bath her in colloidal oatmeal to keep her coat soft and shiny – but I haven’t bathed her in 4 months (time just gets away) and her coat is just as shiny and soft as if I had bathed her yesterday.
    Rebecca - Narre Warren, VIC
  • ROSIE Rosie is a 12 year old Labrador cross she has suffered from joint pain in her back legs she would find it hard to get up and walk around, she has now been on Rosehip for 4 months and she is doing great! Rosie now finds it a lot easier to get up and walk around and even gallop and run to the door also her over all health is much improved and she is much happier thanks to Rosehip.
    Peggy - Werrington Downs, NSW
  • Darcy_Pauline_WA My beautiful boy Darcy has just turned 12 years old. Darcy has really bad joint pain in his elbows to the point of my vet saying it is worse than what is in his text books. Darcy has always limped on and off since he was 13 months old, in the last 5 years it has got worse,to the point he wouldn't get up and walk at all, he has had many courses of cartrophen, been on previcox, meloxicam and 2 full courses of trocoxil, which he was still sore, we had to stop all medication due to a stomach ulcer, and apart from that he has been on green lipped mussel, fish oil and jointguard, which I haven't seen any improvement from. He has also undergone 3 major operations on his prostate, and diagnosed with being hypothyroid at the age of 8 years old, he really has been through alot and i would never give up trying to help him. I watched the story on today tonight and ordered rosehip vital the next day and so glad I did, Darcy has been on rosehip for 6 weeks now and he is so much more happier and more comfortable and instead of sleeping the day away he is following me around wanting to play or go for a walk, the only thing he is gets now is rosehip vital and plenty of love. The older Darcy gets the healthier he is. Thank you rosehip vital you have saved my boys life.
    Pauline - WA
  • Pam_Susie I rescued Susie 11 years ago which makes her about 13 now. Susie didn't have the best start to life but she soon realized she was safe with me. I had Susie on joint guard, she also had cartrophen and I had her on fish oil. As time went buy she would always be stiff to get up and move around. One day when I came home from shopping, I found Susie unable to walk, I had to carry her up to the vet, after extensive tests and X-rays, we found out she has a disc problem, which involves her nerves, she was put on steroids in which I had to give her every second or third day and was told she would need them every day. Susie didn't, tolerate the drugs to well but i was told that was the only treatment for her . My daughter Pauline told me to ring the rose hip vital team to see if it would help with her nerve problem and to my amazement what a difference it has made with my girl. Before starting the rosehip I was battling to walk her 200 metres and she couldn't sit in the car in which she always loved to do, now theres no stopping her. Thank god we found out about this wonderful product.
    Pam - Ridgewood, WA
  • Monty_Michelle_SA Monty is our 13 ½ year old Border Collie, who in his younger years loved nothing better than playing in the shallows at the beach with the kids, rounding them up their bikes and playing with his ball. Many times we would look outside and he would be playing soccer all by himself. Unfortunately the years have not been kind and we have gradually noticed a decline in his movement particularly his back legs. After having the injections every year for the past few years we thought there must be something out there that could help. After reading an article on RHVC we decided to give it a try. We have seen great improvement in him already and he has only been on RHVC for 17 days. He no longer groans when he lays down which I believe is saying he is not in as much pain and he seems so much brighter and happier in himself. On his daily walk he is now back waiting at the door to go, where we would really have to entice him before. He actually is trotting along at a good pace with much more movement in his gait. Thank you so much RHVC for giving Monty a new lease on life. We are absolutely thrilled with his improvement and will continue to let as many dog lovers as we can know about this great product! PS We are going to try it for ourselves as well (the human version that is!).
    Michele - Adelaide, SA