Ashlea A

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you guys know about our little silky terrier who is nearly 6 years old. She is a beautiful girl but since we adopted her as a puppy she had always been itchy….ridiculously itchy! We live on a farm so thought maybe it’s just because she’s so low to the ground & she would always be out in the paddock helping us running in the long green grass!

We made a few trips to the vet about it, put her on hypoallergenic food & talked about a desensitisation program. She also had eye issues where she would scratch at her eyes like crazy come Spring & they would get quite pussy. We took her to an eye specialist & they put her on a course of steroid based drops…which helped! But then our older dog was diagnosed with cushings disease & once I was told that it can be caused from too much cortisone throughout his life I no longer wanted Evie on any kind of steroid.

Sooty lived for quite a few years after his diagnosis but he has now passed away, he was 16. Since then we’ve been managing Evie with her food & Calendula tea (for her eyes) which was working for her eyes but her skin was still itchy!

A few weeks ago I started her on rose hip vital – her eyes have never looked so good – they are so bright & beautiful! And her skin is great…she is no longer itchy at all! And considering it’s spring & our farm is so green at the moment I couldn’t be happier (see photo below!). She is also a fussy eater but she loves the taste of rose hip & polishes it off quick smart!

Let’s hope we never have to see another steroid in Evie’s life as Cushings is a horrible disease! And she will definitely be on rose hip for the rest of her life!