Jason T from Melbourne

After a very scary time, with our fur baby Vincent, we were advised that our best choice would be to put Vincent to sleep. He was unable to walk properly, and he could barely move his head sideways. He was unable to do a full body shake and all seemed very bleak. For a few days I believed that I was going to have to say goodbye to my baby boy (12 years old) but then a friend suggested I try this product, alongside some pain killers.

I figured there was no harm in trying it, considering he still wanted food. Within a week we were able to walk to the end of our block and back. Within two weeks we were doing the big block and he was quite happy to jump on the couch and dive into his bean bag, and even do the spastic run around the house. Within a month he was eager to get going on a long walk, so we harnessed up and drive to Collingwood, and walked to the gardens. I thought that was all he wanted but then he led me right up flinders street to Swanson, then all the way up to Collins street and back to Collingwood. There was no stopping him.
Many people saw Vincent and thought he was going to die, and now they are amazed at how energetic he is now. Of course I still know he is getting old, and he needs more rest but I believe rosehip vital saved Vincent and I’m very grateful that the product is here. I swear by it.
Here is a photo of Vincent leading the way and enjoying being the social butterfly with everyone. A stranger is just a friend he has never met.